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A List of Good Narrative Essay Topics for Grade 3

A narrative essay is a story that you tell. You speak about your own point of view on things, or you try to explain what another person can do in a certain situation. As a rule, narrative essays are characterized by a vivid description of all the actions and situations. An essay of this kind becomes perfect when it’s full of small details that make it more true to life.

Topics for a good narrative essay for grade 3 can be taken from different situations in life, with consideration of children’s perception of the world and their understanding of things. Below, you will find a list of topics that can be interesting for 3rd grade children.

  1. Imagine that you have a twin. Talk about pranks you would play in public places together.
  2. There is a machine that can bring you either 100 years forward into future or 100 years back into past. What is the most interesting about such travels in time?
  3. Imagine the best birthday party you would like to have and describe its best moments.
  4. If you are offered to exchange your age for any other possible age for a day, how old would you like to be and why?
  5. If you could choose what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner tomorrow, what would you choose for each meal?
  6. Would you like it if another child of your age moved into your house and lived there as another child of your parents?
  7. What’s your pet’s typical day? Describe it in detail, and if you have no pets, speak about the one you would like to have.
  8. Imagine that you have mixed up shampoo bottles and washed your hair with your dog’s shampoo. Speak about the things that you think may happen to your hair now.
  9. If you were a president, which new laws would you produce?
  10. Remember the tale of Cinderella. Imagine that she was evil rather than good, and speak about what could happen.
  11. Describe a person that is completely different from you and has all the opposite traits of character.
  12. Speak about the happiest day in your life.
  13. What is your favorite diner or restaurant like? What do you prefer to order there?
  14. Imagine that you are asked to write a newspaper article about your hobby and make it interesting.
  15. Describe the most fun you have with your family.

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