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What to Do if You Need to Find Simple Argumentative Essay Topics in No Time

How to write a convincing argumentative essay to get the reader to like the essay?

  • Step One: The writer needs to find the best subject matter that can be debated and argued about in the essay.
  • Step Two: The writer should complete an outline of the chosen subject matter listing the pros and cons of the topic.
  • Step Three: The writer can get a clear understanding of the topic from the outline of the pros and cons.
  • Step Four: With the pros and cons outline, the writer can determine how to write the essay, whereby, their argument on the topic will be selected by the reader.
  • Step Five: Once the preliminary outline on the topic has been done, it is time to do research on the subject matter. The writer should find facts and evidence that will support their position on the subject. The writer should also provide facts and evidence that opposes their position on the subject.
  • Step Six: Once all research has been done, it is time to complete the outline on the notes gathered. The outline should include the positive points and negative points on the writer’s perspective regarding the topic.
  • Step Seven: The writer needs to gather sources that will be cited in the essay, that support, and oppose their view on the subject matter.
  • Step Eight: The writer needs to look at the outline of the positive and negative, facts and evidence, regarding their point on view on the essay. The outline has to be used by the writer to begin work on the drafting of the argumentative essay.
  • Step Nine: The writer needs to have done at least two copies of the argumentative essay, before writing the final copy.
  • Step Ten: All copies of the argumentative essay have to be reviewed, edited, and corrected for the following errors:
    1. Sentence structure.
    2. Spelling.
    3. Grammar.
    4. Content.
  • Step Eleven: Once the finalized copy has been reviewed, edited, and corrected, time to finalize the writing of the argumentative essay. Then, give it to their teacher for the perfect “A” grade.

Here are a few good topics for an argumentative essay:

  • The creation of mankind: Evolution vs. God.
  • How to combat police brutality: Sensitivity Training vs. Body Cameras.
  • How to deal with the economy: Higher Taxes vs. Lower Taxes.
  • How to fight childhood obesity: Better School Meals vs. More Exercise and Gym Time.
  • Minimum Wage Debate: Increase Minimum Wage Rate vs. Minimum Wage Rate staying the same.

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