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How To Create A Rhetorical Analysis Essay On The Old Man And The Sea?

The Old Man and the Sea is the great novel hand crafted by eminent Ernest Hemmingway in 1952. It is a fiction novel which depicts the struggles and sorrows of Santiago who is believed to be a fisherman to go deep in the sea for catching marlins and sea fish. So, you can craft a nice rhetorical analysis essay about the plot construction and characterization based on The Old Man and the Sea.

A Mini-Snapshot

  • Use Figures of speech
  • Split the main novel into various small sections for analysis
  • Choose SOAP style for writing rhetorical analysis content

Usage of Imageries and Devices to Write the Rhetorical Analysis Content

Santiago is the unfortunate fisherman who has not caught any marlin for a span of 84 days. The salao , the symbol of unluckiness, disheartened this fisherman severely. He ventures out but he has not any harvesting time to enjoy because of his inability to find the marlin dancing in the tumultuous Gulf Stream. The author uses his fictional tools and imageries to symbolize the character of Santiago. In the case of composing the rhetorical analysis paper on this novel of Hemmingway, you must split the novel into many small elements for analysis. You will have to analyze the ways of channelization of messages of the author to the audience depending on different images, similes and metaphorical objects. These fictional images are wings of Ernest Hemmingway to draw the characters fantastically. He often uses hyperboles to create mysterious environment at Gulf Stream. The rhetorical analysis paper on this novel must have sets of such imageries and tools to educate readers about the objectives of the real author.

Vivid Description with Good Analysis

Manolin is the boy to assist Santiago to hunt marlins at the sea. However, he was not permitted by his parents to make venture with this old fisherman due to salao period. Still this brave boy shared the tragic moments with the old fisherman by recollecting glorious days to spend with Joe DiMaggio, one of the popular American baseball players in America. He cooked food for Santiago. His contribution is remarkable. Lot of similes and hyperboles have been used to decorate the novel. There are harpoons, skiff, rope, oar and knife which are devices optimized by Santiago to harpoon the Mako shark at the sea. One of the renowned critics writes that Hemmingway symbolizes the tragic sequence of crucifixion of Jesus Christ through the presentation of the marlin harpooning episode. The injured marlin was found dragging in pool of blood when Santiago smashed this sea-animal by throwing the harpoon. So, a writer will have to mention these essential elements and devices to pain the tragic sequence in Old Man and the Sea.

Lastly, the popular SOAP rhetorical analysis essay formatting style must be chosen to complete the writing project successfully. In this connection few good samples will strengthen up your mind to proceed steadily to write the rhetorical analysis content on the Old Man and the Sea.

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