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Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka is a prolific writer. He was born on July 1883. He was born in the Prague the capital city of the Czech Republic. During his young age, his family faced a lot of problems. His two younger brothers died at a very early age living him as the only son and child in the family. Franz's mother was not employed and did the home chores while his father sold clothes to earn a living. Franz Kafka experienced some problems with his parents. His mother was not that educated and did not see why or understand the underlying reason his son longed that much to become a writer. As for his father, it was his attitude that had the most impact on Franz life. His father was hot tempered and never appreciated his son’s creativeness even for a single time.

Franz life

Franz Kafka was a bright and hardworking kid. He performed well both in his primary and high school level. He got a chance and was enrolled in the Charles Ferdinand University. He had been invited to study chemistry, but he later on changed and went to peruse law. This change meant a lot to him. One it gave him a chance to take literature classes in the university. It was also a move that pleased his father. He actually worked hard and graduated from college in 1906. He did not stay at home but instead volunteered to work as a law clerk as an intern. He was lucky and got absorbed by an Italian insurance company immediately after his internship. He was however not happy as he was given a tight schedule that left him little time to write. He was not comfortable and before the end of 1907, he resigned. Again he was lucky and secured a job with an accident insurance company.

Franz Kafka love life

He worked hard until the year 1917. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis. This forced him to take a leave. His health was at stake and he had to retire in the year 1922. Before he retired, Franz had a girlfriend that he had proposed to twice. They did not get married and in 1917, they got separated. He was, however, a social being. He later on got into a relationship with Dora Dymant. They lived in Berlin. During this time, Franz was struggling with health. They were forced to return to Prague. He sought medication in various places. His health was, however, bad and he passed on in the year 1924.

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