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Excelling in Writing Essays that Would Impress Your Reader

Writing an essay is not a very tough job. All you need to do is pay some serious attention to your essay before you start the writing phase. Any good form of writing takes three gradual steps to complete. You can always go back and forth between these steps if it is important. The three phases of writing are

  1. Prewriting phase
  2. Writing phase
  3. Post writing phase

If you want to master the art of writing, you need to follow these steps. The three steps do not involve any rocket science and are simple. This article will talk about each step in detail below

  1. The prewriting phase

    Pre-writing is all you should be doing before you write the original paper. This involves gathering ideas, collecting data, analyzing the data and comparing different ideas, organizing similar data in one place, collecting relevant information etc. When you have all the information you need for your paper, you need to analyze it and see which information should be discarded. After you have filtered out data, you can start putting it in the right place. This is also called structuring the outline of your paper. You will list down your major arguments as body paragraphs of the essay in your outline. For each major argument you will need supporting evidence. Make sure no idea is repeated twice or listed in two different places. Each paragraph of your essay should be unique

  2. The writing phase

    Once you have the outline you can start writing the first draft of your paper. This should not be difficult as you already have everything you need. The outline is ready; you just need to write it in your own words. Make sure you do not miss any point in the outline.

  3. The post-writing phase

    After you have successfully created the first draft of your paper, you should be proud of yourself. You have almost done everything you need for the essay. All you need to do is do a little garnishing of your paper. This is the most critical step in your essay writing process. You can never skip the post-writing phase if you really want to write a good essay. This step involves editing and proof reading. Even though many students confuse editing and proof reading as same thing, they are two different processes altogether that are individually important for your essay.

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