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Eddie Murphy

Eddie is an actor, director, comedian, singer and writer born on 3rd April 1961 in Brooklyn, New York in the U.S. he is the fourth highest grossing actor in the U.S following box-office that takes from Murphy’s films. He was among the regular Saturday’s night live cast members from 1980 to 1984 and has also worked as a stand-up comedian. He was rated number ten central list of comedy of the hundred greatest stand-ups of all time.

He has received numerous awards that include Golden Globe Award nominations for his performance in Beverly Hills’ cop series, 48 hours, the nutty professor and the trading places. Also, in 2007, he received the nomination for the Academy Award for best supporting actor category for his portrayal of soul singer thunder and won the golden globe for best-supporting actor.

The early life of Eddie Murphy

Brooklyn in New York was Eddie's birth place. His was born to Lillian and Charles Edward Murphy. His mother was a telephone operator whereas his father was a transit police officer and an amateur comedian and actor. At a young age, his father died and he and his brother were forced to live for one year in foster care after his single mother fell ill.

During interviews, Murphy admitted that his life in foster care was very influential in cultivating and fostering his sense of humour. Later, Murphy and his brother Charlie moved to Roosevelt New York under the care of their mother and a stepfather by the name Vernon Lynch, who was a foreman at an ice cream plant. At an early age of 15 years, Murphy was performing and writing his routines, which were significantly influenced by Richard Pryor and Bill Cosby.

Eddie Murphy’s career

Eddie Murphy’s early comedy was associated with frequent sketches and swearing representing a diverse group of people. He released two stand-up specials; Eddie Murphy in 1982 and delirious in 1983. Eddie first gained popularity and national attention as a Saturday’s night live cast member and during the early 1980s, he was credited with aiding to revitalize the show.

Murphy and Nick Nolte made their big screen debuts in 1982 in the film 48 hrs. The film proved to be a hit especially after its release during the 1982 Christmas season. The following year, Murphy was a star in trading places with SNL alumnus Dan Aykroyd. The movie was the first of Murphy’s collaboration with director John Landis and proved to even successful than 48 hrs.

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