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Banker To The Poor

Banker To The Poor: Micro-lending And The Battle Against World Poverty is the autobiography of Muhammad Yunus, a Bangladeshi man who dedicated his life to peace. In 2006, Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, and when one reads his autobiography, it is not hard to see why.

In 1976, Yunus was shocked to learn the extent of the financial troubles experienced by so many people throughout his home land. In an attempt to ease the problem ever so slightly, he gave several cash strapped women a loan of money from his own persona savings and allowed them to pay it back interest free. In 1977, Yunus decided that this practice must be continued in order to ensure security for all Bangladeshis and so the Grameen bank was founded. The reader is struck by Muhammad Yunus' courage as he discusses his struggles with other banks who refused to loan money to the poor and destitute. Very few people who take it upon themselves to create a banking system entirely different to the ones which were in place at the time, especially when they are under no obligation to the poor.

One is also struck by how little of the book is centred around Yunus. In the opening chapters, he talks about his youth, but it quickly becomes a book tracking the growth and development of the Grameen bank. Throughout his writing, Yunus continues to express his unhappiness that so many people around the world are living in poverty and his disdain for the uneven distribution of wealth.

The autobiography ends with Muhammad Yunus detailing his fantasy of a world which is free from hunger and poverty. He writes these paragraphs with so much heart and earnestness that millions of readers could relate to his dream even before the common person experienced the financial hardships brought on by the economic crash.

As with every truly great international bestseller' little time was wasted in buying the TV and film rights to Banker To The Poor. A script has already been written and praised highly by those who have read it, including Robert De Niro. The film will be produced by the Italian based production company Eurofilm. The fact that Yunus' story is being told by a European company rather than a major American company means it will have as much heart and integrity as the original book and Muhammad Yunus himself.

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