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Writing a Cause and Effect Essay - Tips & Examples for College Students

A very popular essay type that you may have to write in college is the cause and effect essay. In this paper type you will show the relationship between two events where one causes the other. It is a very important that you make sure that you choose two events where one is the effect of the other. Some events may correlate but if one doesn’t cause the other you can’t use it for this paper.

Here are some tips that should be able to help you finish this essay and help you choose a topic. There are also some places where you can find examples.


  1. When determining your topic, make sure that there is a cause and effect relationship between the two events. One event should have been the direct cause of the other.
  2. Create an outline before starting the writing process. It will help you organize your ideas and make sure that you stay on track.
  3. Make sure that you edit your paper when you complete your first draft to catch any errors.


There are a few great places to find example essays that you can use to help you understand the best ways to write this type of essay.

  • Professional writing service
  • To find a great example, you may want to check out a professional writing service company. They have examples on their website of all sorts of articles so they can promote their writing abilities. You can find a sample copy of a cause and effect essay to use as an example.

  • Writing lab
  • You can get help from the writing lab at your school as well. You can get extra help writing your paper and obtain an example essay. It is a great place to get some help because you will get one on one attention.

  • How to page
  • You can also find a how to page that will show you how to complete this assignment and also have an example for you to read through.

This can be a fairly easy paper to write once you know how. You can learn a lot from reading through a few examples. You can get the tone, point of view, and some formatting tips. Choose a topic that interests you and this assignment will be over be for you know it.

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