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Composing A 4th Grade Compare And Contrast Essay: Tips & Tricks

A compare and contrast essay is the type of assignment where you talk about the similarities or differences of a subject depending upon your type of the paper. You can write this kind of paper following different styles.

  1. One way of creating a comparison is to pick two different subjects and compare the things that they have in common
  2. You can also take two different subjects and compare the things they do not have in common
  3. Or you can pick two different subjects and compare both their similarities and differences
  4. You can even write this paper with one particular subject by comparing its good and bad or two different sides

To give a better explanation, you can consider the following subjects to understand each style respectively

  1. The similarities between a merger and an accusation
  2. What is the difference between a merger and an accusation
  3. What are the similarities and differences between mergers and accusations
  4. Describe the benefits and drawbacks of a merger

Looking at these examples, you can better understand that a merger and an accusation are two different things/subjects and you can use them in different styles above. The purpose of this type of assignment to compare, contrast, or do both for a given subject. It is fun and relatively easy to write such papers because if you have a good hold of the one side of the paper you can create the other one automatically

  1. Start by choosing a subject area
  2. The first thing you need in order to write your paper is the subject. You may have a general instruction about the subject from your teacher or in other case; you would have to pick it up on your own. Whatever the case, you cannot address a complete broad subject so narrow it down and find something worth discussing

  3. Find your topic to present your paper
  4. Having a subject and a topic are two different things, you can have the similar subject as the rest of your class, but your topic is how you look at this subject. Make it interesting

  5. Think of the hook in your introduction
  6. Pick the hook you will use to engage your audience in the opening statement

    After that,

  7. Create your thesis statement
  8. Divide your thesis statement into parallel parts
  9. Evaluate and emphasize

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