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A List Of Impressive Essay Topics On Vietnam War

The Vietnam War can be an interesting topic to write on. It has all the elements required for quality writing and still intrigues the imagination. There are many avenues which you may explore if you wish to write on the war. Since the Vietnam War was properly documented there are no dearth of information and facts if you search across the internet. But if you want your essay to stand out from the rest you must be innovative with the title or find out facts that have not been highlighted by other writers before.

You can also narrate the war from alternative perspective. Any international event has more than one perspective. The perspective of a US solider is bound to be different from that of a Vietnamese farmer.

Here are some ideas to help you choose the most impressive essay topic on Vietnam War:

  • The role of US media in the war. Since this was the first time the media made the government keep its role in check, there are quite a few points that you can work upon. You can write on the Nixon administration’s stand and role in curtailing the media reports. Or you can also develop an essay on how the classified documents from Pentagon made its way to the New York Times. And consequently carry on to how the report changed the course of the war.
  • You can write a paper drawing the difference in ideal and accounts between the US government and the Vietnamese communists.
  • The protests that happened in the US soil during this time protesting the War also makes up for a good essay topic.
  • You can also write a cause and effect essay on the war and how it has affected the US’s foreign policy since then.
  • You can develop a thesis on how the US troops which was highly trained and had advanced weaponry, suffered at the hands of communist forces. You will have to highlight the warfare and various strategies implied by the Vietnamese forces.

Finding the right facts and figures

Writing a paper on Vietnam War is not easy and you will have to do a lot of homework before you can submit your dissertation. A thorough research goes a long way in helping you establish the facts. It can also get you unusual facts and information that other writes may have overlooked.

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