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How to Check Your Essay for Plagiarism for Free Online

Writing an essay may seem like a simple task. Even if you do the work and produce original content, there is a possibility parts of your work could be plagiarized by accident. Meaning, you may have duplicated content on your essay without even knowing it. Students that order essay content online may also want to check to see if there work is original. This is where free plagiarism checkers come in. There are a few options available and it is a matter of understanding which offers a thorough check of written content. Here are tips to help you check your work for duplicate content.

Find Reputable Sites Offering Free Plagiarism Checking

There are free sites online that offer plagiarism check for written documents. Many options are easy to use and allow you to upload or copy and paste material onto the site. Some of these options may provide more detailed analysis of how they check your documents for copied content. Some people may find more than one website and decide to check their work again to be sure. You can ask people you know about sites you come across. Do your homework on how to have your essay checked for copied content before using the site.

Copy and Paste Your Essay Content into the Space Provided

As mentioned earlier you can copy and paste your material onto the site and the software provided will scan the information. It will check to see if there is a match anywhere else on the internet. While such options may be helpful for checking against online content, keep in mind it may not be able to check content from printed reference material. To ensure essay content is original be sure to include unique information that can help separate it from other assignments.

Make Changes If Duplicate Content Is Found

If you find duplicate content you can make changes to it as necessary. How you do this may depend on how the essay was written. If you wrote it yourself you can make changes by simply rewriting the content. If you had someone else write the paper for you, this is the time to bring it to their attention you found duplicate content. You can review were the content was found and review how to revise the work as necessary.

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