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20 Good Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Healthy And Junk Food

Below, you will find twenty interesting topic ideas that are meant for compare and contrast essays dedicated to people’s eating habits, their love for fast, cheap and tasty meals, and the health danger that too much junk food can cause.

What’s a Good Topic for an Essay?

A good compare and contrast essay begins with a good interesting topic. If you need fresh topic ideas that will keep you and your readers interested, you should feel free to ask for help here. Besides that, the Internet is always ready to provide you with plenty of splendid suggestions.

  1. Healthy homemade meals vs. junk food.
  2. Cholesterol and obesity as a result of fast eating vs. clean blood vessels due to healthy food.
  3. Cardiovascular diseases caused by junk food vs. the ability to feel good with vegetables and fruits.
  4. The number of calories in a salmon steak vs. the number of calories in a hamburger.
  5. Healthy Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids in vegetable oils and fish vs. saturated fats in junk food.
  6. The effect of food fibers on the process of digestion vs. the overload caused by dough and fats in junk food.
  7. The health effect of eating junk food on a regular basis vs. having a hamburger once in several months.
  8. Eating healthy all the time vs. eating healthy to lose weight once in a week.
  9. The effect of junk food on adults vs. the effect of saturated fats and sugar on children.
  10. The health effect of organic food vs. the lasting consequence of eating meat with steroids and antibiotics.
  11. Advertising and propaganda of a healthy lifestyle vs. advertising of junk food.
  12. The fresh taste of natural healthy food vs. chemical flavors that make junk food so attractive.
  13. The energy that healthy food gives vs. the fatigue after a junk food meal.
  14. The abstinence junk food causes vs. eating healthy without negative side effects.
  15. The emotional pleasure of having a dinner at home vs. fast eating in a diner.
  16. The time one saves eating fast food vs. the health danger that it provides.
  17. The cheapness of fast food vs. the harm to health it causes.
  18. The risk of having diabetes in people who eat healthy vs. in people who eat junk food.
  19. The risk of developing dangerous obesity eating healthy vs. eating fast food.
  20. The carcinogenic effect of organic food products vs. fast food.

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