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Cloud Computing

Since the inception of modern day computers and internet, data management and storage has occupied an important and integral position in the world of technology. In fact, one of the basic ideology behind operating and using the computers using the internet was to shift the workloads from manual to mechanized and to make it paperless and right at this point, storage of files, worksheets and data becomes of vital importance which paved the way to discover various ways through technological development and advancement which will ensure that all the data and works will be accessible and available to anyone concerned who are situated remotely. Cloud computing is a relatively new term on the Information technology front, which is gradually evolving and emerging and its basic concept is based on usage and optimum utilization of various sorts of computing resources. Cloud computing mainly deals with setting up remote software and servers so that a centralized network can be set up to facilitate the storage and management of data and other computing related resources in a centralized manner which can be made accessible and available to the concerned manner through computers and other computing devices.

The term “cloud” may have been originating from the fact that this type of data storage management relates to some extent to that of a structure of a cloud which symbolizes the availability of resources in a large aggregated distant place available for a centralized access. However, this type of computing technology can be broadly categorized into various categories categories Private cloud or hybrid cloud and the public cloud are the main categories along with communicated, distributed, intercloud and multicloud. The biggest aim and also an advantage of cloud computing is to create a unified mode or model of communication among the data users and between the client and the server. Public clouds are the space created to store and utilize the information and the data which are accessible, utilized and managed by all and sundry and private or hybrid cloud space is usually created for private, group or personal utilization and storage of data. Security, cost effectiveness, centralization of systems and modules, Location and device independent, reliability are some of the characteristic features of cloud computing technology.

Architecture and engineering of cloud computing technology are still on an examining level and research in this field is still going on and it is being considered as one of the convenient technological emerging advancement of the recent times.

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