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Hitler and the Fall of the Third Reich

Nazi Germany existed from 1933-to 1945 and was led by one of the most diabolical, yet intelligent thinkers of all time. The fascist totalitarians ate sought to eliminate all who they felt where inferior to the German or the Aryan race.

In January 30, 1933 the President of Weimar Republic, Paul van Hindenburg, appointed Adolf Hitler to the Chancellor of Germany. When von Hindenburg passed away in August 2, 1934, Hitler then declared himself to the dictator of Germany. As the leader, or fuhrer, he systemically began to try to eliminate different races, which he considered to be inferior. He also began to fight the world in an effort to spread the ideas of the Third Reich.

At first, there was an upswing in the German economy. The vivacious speaker was able to urge many to follow him because of this improved economy and stability. Unfortunately, underneath it lie much racism and anti-Semitism. Strict laws were placed on the non-Aryans of the country. And war rumblings began to be heard. His oppression and propaganda became every day place.

The words ghetto, racial biology, concentration camp, and extermination camp became synonymous with Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich. He was a beast out of control and no one was safe. Germany seized by force Austria and Czechoslovakia in 1938 and 1939. He then invaded Poland. World War I was declared in September of 1939.

The powers that supported Hitler and the Third Reich were called the Axis Powers. The good guys of Britain and the United States were called the Ally Powers. Battle was taking place all over Europe and at one point France and Britain was bombed. A bomb hit even Buckingham Palace. This was a long drawn out war with much destruction. The Third Reich did not want to let go of its evil control.

In 1944 finally the Allied invasion occurred. They Allies were able to go into the German held countries and to release those people held in concentration camps and to try to restore order. Hitler had gone underground to his underground bunker called the Fuhrerbunker. He was there with his mistress Eva Braun. Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide and the end of the Third Reich finally came. On May 7, 1945 the country of Germany surrendered. The Third Reich and Hitler were gone forever.

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