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Creating An Outstanding 5-Paragraph College Essay From Scratch


College essays are a refined, modified and advanced form of school essays. They demand much of your attention, research and time. They have a basic format, tone and style to be followed. Your writing has to be unique but interactive, engaging and friendly.


Majority of students find problems in composing the papers even on general or common topics. The reason behind this, is they do not follow the basic rules or they do not search their topic well. It is necessary to search the topic well before getting on it.

What are the problems in my essay?

You might expect higher grades but you do not often get them. This is just because you are habitual of repeating some common mistakes. Find your mistake and rectify it.

Common mistakes

  • Going irrelevant will lose your reader’s attention
  • One major reason could be of going irrelevant. You need to stay focused on your essay and try to be relevant as much as you can. Students often add unnecessary details to their paper and loose marks. One should be precise and specific in his writing. When you add unnecessary or irrelevant details, your reader gets bored of it. The writing should be very engaging and informative.

  • How can I improve my writing?
  • This is the question asked by several students. You have to follow your teacher’s instructions. The format she has asked you to write and a lot of research and knowledge about your subject.

  • Add facts and figures
  • Try to add facts and figures with authentic resources. Search is purposeless, when the source is unauthenticated or not provided.

  • Key to success
  • Try to follow your teacher’s instructions very carefully. This is the only key to success. If you do not follow her exactly, then how are you going to create a paper that is according to her demand? This way, you will lose marks. Attending extra classes can be a good choice. This will add to your knowledge and will give you a chance if understanding teacher’s words more accurately.

  • Avoid grammatical and spelling errors
  • When a reader gets to read a paper full of common errors. He will not bother to look for the ideology or viewpoint behind it. He would want to get rid of it and will take no more interesting reading it.

  • Focus on your presentation
  • You can make your paper more presentable by

    1. Creating an outline
    2. Giving headings and subheadings
    3. Giving an introduction
    4. Conclusion
    5. A thesis statement

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