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Simple Analytical Essay Writing Directions for the Laziest

Writing an analytical essay can be a real challenge. The best way to save your time and energy is to do everything correctly and avoid rewriting. These easy tips may be helpful to you:

  • First of all, if you do not like wasting your time, you need to know what an analytical essay is exactly. This may rescue you from a big amount of unnecessary work. The key to understanding is the word “analytical.” It means that you will have to analyze or investigate the problem. An analytical essay is not a summary of the issue. Do not try to retell the problem or just share your impressions – it is not your goal.
  • If you can choose a topic, take the interesting one. It is much harder to work on a problem that does not speak to you.

When you understand what an analytical essay is and have chosen your topic, you can start writing. The essay always consists of three main parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Each part has its own goals and peculiarities.

  • The introduction is the most concise part of your paper, about eight to ten sentences. It should give some background information on the topic and a claim, which is your thesis statement. Just ask yourself what are you going to prove – it will help you phrase the statement. Do not lay out your arguments or summarize the issue in the introduction.
  • The body of the essay consists of several paragraphs. Each paragraph must have a topic, its analysis, and evidence that prove your ideas. All of them have to support your thesis statement. Make sure that you develop all the points you have advertised in the introduction.
  • In the conclusion, you have to stress your findings. Do not repeat your thesis statement word by word; paraphrase it. Summarize your arguments and acknowledge the conclusions. You can also show how the problem you have investigated influences other topics.

There are also some general tips that can make writing an analytical essay less difficult:

  • Do not add meaningless sentences to make your essay longer. The short and concise paper is better than the long and vague one.
  • Do not try to show all possible points of view on the problem.
  • Read out the ready essay aloud. It will help to find grammar and spelling mistakes, as well as awkward sentences.
  • Ask your friend to read the essay. He or she can give you some fresh ideas or point out the shortcomings of your work.

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