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A List of Suggestions on How to Compose a Great Topic for an Essay

Understanding the different forms of essay

When it comes to picking a great topic it is important to understand what style of essay you are writing. For example, if you are writing an argumentative piece then the topic needs to provoke some kind of emotion. There will need to be at least two conflicting opinions, if not more, that can be argued about, so as to make it a strong piece of work with a good conclusion.

Alternatively, if you’re writing a descriptive essay then you want to have a topic that allows you to write as in-depth and thoroughly as possible. If you can only write a few sentences about something then it may not be appropriate for a paper that needs to be several pages in length.

Researching the subject

Another thing that is important when it comes to picking a great topic is being aware of the subject matter that is being written about. The more in-depth knowledge you have about a specific subject the easier it is to come up with a good idea for the title.

Research can include looking at existing textbooks, newspaper and magazine articles, history books, the Internet and a wide range of other sources. Another good tip is to carry out interviews with relevant people who can give you good first-hand knowledge about the subject.

Taking inspiration from other essay titles

Similar to researching the subject, taking inspiration from other titles can be a good idea too. Obviously, it is important not to copy directly, so as to prevent the risks of plagiarism; however, by looking at work which has been written by other people in relation to a certain subject can provoke ideas for your own paper.

Should you stumble across a piece of work with a title that you think might be appropriate then continue to read the piece of work itself so as to get an idea of what you could write about.

Write about something that you enjoy

It is also important to base any piece of work on something that you enjoy. The more pleasure you take in a subject the more likely you are to have previously read about it, as well as the potential for it to be easier to understand. Furthermore, the actual writing process itself will be far easier if you enjoy what you are doing - not only will you be less likely to be distracted, but you are more likely to create an interesting and engaging piece of work.

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