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What Are the Common Types of Essays Used in Academic Writing?

There are several different types of essays used in academic writing. While there are many, there are three that are the most commonly used in essays. Below I have provided some examples of the most common types of essays used frequently in academic writing. These will help you pick the most effective type of essay for what you are trying to convey.


  • The most common essay type used by students.
  • In an expository essay, you are generally trying to explain something to someone.
  • Your essay is simply a way to inform the audience about a subject
  • Explaining how to make spaghetti, teach someone how to sew, reviewing your favorite movie, explaining global warming, are all examples of expository essays.
  • Make sure to include facts, appropriate anecdotes, and personal experiences on the subject.


  • This is the second most common essay that you will be assigned.
  • In this type of essay you are trying to convince someone your viewpoint on a certain issue or matter.
  • Changing the drinking age, taking violence off of television, outlawing guns, making marijuana legal, are all prime examples of topics one may write a persuasive essay on.
  • Make sure you define your topic narrowly and make sure that your thesis statement is clear and precise.


  • Narrative essays tell a story or an experience.
  • These essays are told from the narrator’s point of view.
  • A significant amount of vivid details and examples are the key to creating a successful narrative essay.
  • You can also write a narrative essay from a character or a person from history.
  • The first time you travelled to France, the first time, surviving a natural disaster, a description of your wedding day, are examples of narrative essays.

All of these essays must include an introduction, a thesis statement that keeps the reader’s attention, and details that make the story come alive. Another semi-common essay form is journaling. Instructors will ask you to do this to identify the type of writer you are and to help prepare you for future essays and papers. These types of essays are all very common options for you, and practice makes perfect. Take the time to proofread and examine your essay so you know for sure that you have written the appropriate essay that you were given by your instructor. These essays are all reflections of you and your writing style.

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