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10 Successful Economic Topics For Essays That Will Help You Impress Your Professor

Economics can often seem like a pretty dry subject, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, it’s deeply related to current events, pop culture, and society as a whole. So there’s really no reason why an economics paper would be boring. Here are some great, engaging, and of-the-moment topics that your professor will love.

10 Successful Economic Topics for Essays

  • How do cigarette taxes affect the economy? We all know that cigarettes are taxed because of health concerns, but is there a monetary gain, too?
  • What would be the economic effect of legalizing marijuana? Putting aside other concerns, from a strict monetary point of view, is it a good idea?
  • If we all had electric cars, how would this affect our economy? Lots of oil companies would be out of businesses, but would the overall effect be drastic? Since many other businesses using different types of energy would be created, would the loss be balanced out?
  • Is the music business dying? Trace the difficulties in music and establish a parallel--or not--between the struggles of the industry and the rise of the internet and online streaming.
  • A similar in-depth article can be done with the film business. How is cinema affected by pirating and online streaming and downloading of movies? Is it actually affected at all?
  • How would our economy be affected if everyone took public transportation rather than cars? This experiment could be done in one city or in the whole nation.
  • How would our economy change if we no longer traded with other countries? One hundred years ago, many foods were thought of as exotic and had vastly different prices to today because they were not easily had. Make a comparison, and speculate on prices today if we were not a global trading power.
  • Look at things from the opposite extreme. How would things change if we were completely global? That is, if we no longer outsourced products to China, and everyone had the same minimum wage. Speculate on prices and availability of products in such a situation, and state whether you believe we’re heading in such a direction.
  • If gasoline ran out tomorrow, how would this affect our country’s economy? How about globally?
  • If the United States once more instituted Prohibition, what consequences would this have for our country, financially? Do research on the effects of Prohibition initially, and do a side-by-side comparison of its speculative effects today.

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