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20 Funny Essay Topics in Psychology for High School Students

If you want to enjoy writing an essay on psychology, you should pick a fun topic. Of course, “fun” isn’t the only characteristic that is should have. There are several other important qualities that define a good topic. They are:

  • An essay topic must be original.
  • Very few people will be interested in reading about something that has already been explored dozens of times. However it’s incredibly difficult to find a truly unique issue to write about, especially when you are still in high school. You can solve this problem by developing an original outlook on the problem.

  • A truly good topic should be interesting to you, your readers, and your teacher.
  • You need to consider your audience and come up with something that will appeal to the people who will actually read your work. The topic you choose in the end must interest you as well as it will be much easier to motivate yourself to write an essay when you are passionate about its subject.

    Please note that you should always choose a topic based on the material you’ve already covered. You will be able to create a better paper when you really know a lot about the issue.

Original Psychology Topic Ideas

Here are a few topic ideas for those who cannot come up with anything fun on their own:

  1. Do narcissistic parents raise narcissistic children?
  2. Is fast food obsession a mental disorder?
  3. Obsessive compulsive disorder in real life.
  4. The power that designer babies have over the society.
  5. In anticipation of full-fledged cyberspace: Can people forego talking completely?
  6. Diagnosing mental disorders through blogs.
  7. Depressed but unbroken: the most efficient unconventional treatments for depression.
  8. The ups and downs of being a child prodigy: From recognition by scholars to bullying.
  9. Can people avoid getting old?
  10. How to live with the social anxiety disorder?
  11. A ballerina from a ranch or how to defy the influence of the environment.
  12. Can mutual cheating make a relationship stronger?
  13. The difficulties of being a middle child.
  14. Why do parents love the youngest children more?
  15. The effects of in-store music on your psyche.
  16. How does bribing with candy affect emotional development of a child?
  17. Why do some people willingly become hobos?
  18. The skeletons in the closet that hold together long-lasting marriages.
  19. Does sport truly promote mental health?
  20. Can someone control your life through hypnosis?

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