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5 Interesting Activities To Improve Essay Writing Skills

Writing is considered a great skill needed to pass your subjects, and it is essential in any career. This article will give you five interesting activities that will help you improve your essay writing skills. After reading this, you would want to say, “I’ve found this site absolutely awesome!”

  1. Topic Brainstorming
  2. One thing you can do to improve your writing is topic brainstorming. When you think of topics ahead of time for your essay exams, you will have more ideas to fill up your paper. You can find ideas for possible topics in news updated that is connected to your subjects or in the Table of Contents of your book. Here are some common sample topics:

    • Themes in a book or movie
    • Reaction to a social issue
    • Explanation of a process
    • Interpretation of data
    • Roles of a concept to today’s world
  3. Grammar Exercises
  4. You can improve your grammar skills by doing several free quizzes online. Most grammar sites have answer sheets after you take the quiz. Some have discussions on difficult grammar points. Some of the most difficult grammar points you should review for exams are:

    • Prepositions
    • Transitions
    • Conjunctions
    • Adjectives
    • Use of semicolons and comas
  5. Summarizing
  6. Summarize your favourite movie or book. Summarize a video you’ve watched or the highlights of your favourite show. This will enhance your writing skills since summarizing is an essential skill in writing skills.

  7. Pointing out Elements
  8. You should point out elements or characteristics of basic concepts in your subject. When you are able to enumerate elements, you will have substance you can discuss. Elements is also another term for:

    • Parts
    • Fundamentals
    • Ideas
    • Sections
    • Qualities
  9. Scenarios
  10. It would be best to think of situations or scenarios that you can use as illustrations to describe for your essay. Your paper will be filled up fast if you can think of good anecdotes that support your arguments. The scenarios may vary depending on the type of essays. Here are two scenarios for the different essays:

    • Persuasive- The use of oil pastels are great for artwork. You should use them because oil pastels had been known in history to create masterpieces such as Monet when he used pastels for his garden canvases.
    • Expository- Pastels are made out of powdered pigments that are pure and bonded. Monet used pastels to create his famous garden canvases.

    Writing essays is important to get good grades and a stand in your workplace. These tips will always be available for your use.

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