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Top 5 Places To Search For A Compare And Contrast Essay Example

A compare and contrast essay is a relatively simple idea for a paper, but sometimes it is easier to understand the idea and format by seeing examples of similar projects. One of the best ways to learn a new style of writing is to see how people before you have used it and made it their own. You will be able to not only get the concept better, but you will also see what elements worked for them and which ones didn’t. You can start getting ideas on how you can format and arrange your own paper by checking out these five places where you can find helpful writing examples.

  1. Your teacher – This is the best place to start when you want to make sure that a project or assignment is done correctly. Different teachers will have different expectations, so the best place to find an example is straight from them. They can dig up an example from a past student or from a resource they trust. You will be guaranteed to be on the right track this way.
  2. Your classmates – Use this method with caution but if you notice that certain students always do well on assignments like this, ask to see their projects or papers to compare your formats and style of writing. If they tend to please the teacher with what they write, there’s a good chance that they will have a good example for you to follow.
  3. University websites – These are great places to find outlines and paper examples of all kinds. Usually, they will be in an area of the writing department or English department where they have a list of examples for different kinds of work. Don’t just search your university, if you have no luck there, try other universities.
  4. Library – The library will possibly be able to direct you to resources that are either samples or that teach you how to format and lay out a compare and contrast essay. There are tons of resources in libraries; you’d be surprised at how much help you can find.
  5. Writing center – The writing center at your school is a great place to look for writing examples of all kinds, they can probably give you good and bad examples along with helpful tips.

There are so many ways to make sure you’re on track with the writing style and format of your compare and contrast essay but finding an example in one of these locations is a great idea. All of these sources will help you sharpen your writing skills and make sure you turn in a quality project.

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