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Crafting An Opening Sentence For A Compare And Contrast Essay

Are you freaking out because you’ve got a compare and contrast essay to write and yet you don’t even know how to construct the very first sentence? Well, relax- everything will be okay!

Here are my suggestions:

  • Just like a good opening to a novel, you need the first sentence of your essay to entice the reader into wanting to read on. It should also follow the rules of what an opening sentence is meant to do in an academic paper. So if you manage to combine the two effectively, you will be on to a winner.
  • Remember what a compare and contrast essay is and what it’s hoping to accomplish. Your paper will be exploring the differences (contrasts) and/or similarities (comparisons) of your chosen subject, which will be compared and contrasted in a meaningful way. So make sure that you bear that in mind when it comes to writing your opening.
  • You should begin by giving an outline of the broad subject at hand and then narrow it down to the specific debate to be discussed. Then you should state the similarities and/or differences that will be explored in the forthcoming pages as well as your intentions for performing the comparison/contrast. Say what you hope to achieve and possibly any conclusions you hope to reach.
  • That may seem like a heck of a lot to bundle into one opening sentence, but that’s just the sort of thought process you’ll need to go through to write the perfect beginning. So let’s make things simpler and give an example.
  • Let’s say the paper is entitled: Do self-published authors of the modern era generally have more artistic integrity than those promoted by publishing houses? A comparative study of Random House and Createspace.com.
  • To pack in most or all the above crafting techniques, (and having already mentioned some specifics in the title to inform your reader) you may write the opening sentence thus:

KERPOW - well, they say an opening should always start with a punch, just like a good novel, and in this essay I hope to show that everyman/outsider art is becoming more and more widespread and accepted in the new internet era, not least in the works of self-published authors, who, it may be argued, after presenting various respected opinions, and my own, have much more artistic integrity (and what that means will be explored) than those of modern day publishing houses, as has perhaps always been the case, with so many examples to be had, in all of the arts, of poor but magnificent artists!

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