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Helpful Instructions For Writing An Honesty Definition Essay

It sounds like writing an honesty definition would be easy. Everyone knows that honesty is the act of telling the truth. However, the paper has to be longer than just one sentence. This paper is a challenging assignment. As you strive to come up with a realistic and successful plan for your honesty definition essay, use our helpful instructions.

Helpful Instructions for Writing an Honesty Definition Essay

  1. Go beyond the definition-you must explore much more than the dictionary definition of the word. For example, does the word mean something different to a five year old than it does to an adult. Look at different scenarios, ages, cultures, and roles for different word meanings. You must go far beyond the simple dictionary meaning of the word.

  2. Give examples-when you are explaining the word make sure to give solid concrete examples. These examples will help you to clearly explain the word and paint a picture for your audience. Show, not tell, your writers about the many meanings of honesty

  3. Relate to your reader. -You want your explanations to be relative to your audience and something they can feel a part of as they read. Make a connection with your audience.

  4. Discuss the origin and functions of the word-if the word is Old English or of French origin, tell the reader. Also let the reader know if spellings have changed, as well as possible meaning changes. Then explore what part of speech it is. Then define the part of speech. Do not assume that everyone knows what function an adverb serves.

  5. Follow all writing and instructor rules-this is a formal paper, so follow all the writing rules, as well as the teacher instructions such as format or due date. You will need to do and have the following:
    • A thesis statement
    • A solid outline with details
    • Know if it is to be MLA, APA, or another style
    • References
    • In-text citations
    • A rough draft
    • A final draft
    • Proofing and editing
    • A reference sheet in the style the teacher requested

Use our helpful instructions as you write the definition honesty essay. Go beyond the meaning of the word, give solid examples, relate and connect to your reader, discuss the origin and functions of the word, and follow all writing and instructor rules.

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