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Cars Vs Walking

Using cars is to get to a place is preferred than walking to the same location. This is however not preferred by all people. Some people think that it is better to walk if the distance to a location is not that large. Others will prefer to drive or use cars to get to a place no matter the distance. Whichever means one selects, he or she finally gets to his or her destination. The difference may be the time taken and the energy one uses. One case may be tiresome while the other may be relaxing and more comfortable. However for either, there are advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes we do not have options. One has to walk because maybe they own no car or have no money to pay for transport. Another may have to drive or pay for transportation because he or she needs to attend to a matter of agency a fast as they possibly can. Some people prefer alternating walking with driving.

Cars Vs Walking: Advantages using a car

When using a car to a place, for example, to work, one is likely to be early and punctual to work if they are using a car. Avoiding lateness can be achieved by using a car to work. Other people feel comfortable while driving or while traveling in cars than while walking. One can sit and enjoy some music as they wait to get to their destination. While traveling in a car one feels comfortable and relaxed.

Cars Vs Walking: Advantages of Walking

Walking considered fun by some people. There are those persons who like taking walks around the gardens or elsewhere during their leisure time. The benefits and advantages of walking instead of using a car can be sometimes ignored. It is important to note that walking is a form of exercise. Walking thus helps one to keep fit. Walking is also fun as one can listen to music on their way. Walking has no charges and you do not require the purchase of petrol. There are no charges incurred thus. An individual can save money as a result of walking compared to if he or she uses a car. Walking to work for example early in the morning gives an individual motivation to work during the day. One does not need to keep searching for a parking space if they walked to a place.

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