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Basic Recommendations On How To Start A Personal Response Essay

The idea behind a project like writing an essay is to state how you related to the assignment. The emotions behind this essay can make your project very simple. The thing to keep in mind is that you do not want to over think the project itself. Find how you connect to the assignment and then follow through on that idea. This will make starting your paper. Some more ideas for the beginning of your paper are:

  • Start off with the way you can relate to the assignment. If it is a certain book that you are required to read, and it relates directly with something that happened to you start with your personal experience. Remember to tie it in with what happened in the book to show relevance to the assignment.
  • Show the emotions behind the assignment as a whole. Explain the emotion in depth so that it resonates throughout your project.
  • Define the emotional connection that runs throughout the entire book. The ups and the down may contrast but the there will be a constant thread of steady emotion that will lie underneath.
  • Make the beginning of the project echo the beginning of the book. Outline the path that intertwines between your life and the project that you were assigned.

You must realize that your grade will be less about the book and more about how you felt about the assignment and how the assignment affected you. You will need to examine yourself and understand how you can relate to the emotional thread of the assignment.

Overall, remember that when you are editing your essay that you want to draw in your audience from the very first sentence. Your opening statement needs to be strong and clear. Your opening paragraph should accurately outline all the will be covered in your project. You want to make sure you hit all the key points that your professor wanted to your opinion on. This can include the characters and how they reacted or the setting and how it played a part in the emotion setting of the assignment. No matter how you lay out your project, make sure that you thread your project in a way that flows and does not feel like you are hesitating or holding back key emotions. The impact should be felt by the way that you open your project.

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