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Essay Topics On The Great Gatsby-Top 22 Interesting Questions

The Great Gatsby is one of the best novels you can ever read. You will enjoy the great content and efficacious crafting styles used by the writer. If you want to do this successfully, one of the ways is through formulating enchanting questions that can guide you on how to come up with the best content.


Before you can compose these questions, you need first to find a copy of the book and study it comprehensively while noting down important points. Do not ignore anything as every chapter is equally important. If you find it difficult, you can opt to read with the help of a friend. Ask questions and try to answer them by using the text content. After you have read and enriched your mind with the germane information, you need to brainstorm what you have in a legitimate manner on a clean piece of paper. Begin with those you are certain of. For those that you are not sure, confirm from the primary text. Complete by crafting a working schedule.

Below are the top 22 interesting questions that can help you develop your paper.

  1. Where does Gatsby realize Nick from?
  2. Describe the general character of Meyer Wolfshiem?
  3. Give reasons why Gatsby baffles his weekly parties?
  4. What does the Gay Twenties refer to and who brought up the idea?
  5. Give reasons why Nick prefers moving to settle in New York?
  6. What do Doctor T.J. Eckleburg’s eyes compared to?
  7. Whom does the character Daisy decide to live with at the end of the play?
  8. Compare and contrast Gatsby and Meyer Wolfshiem.
  9. What led to the confrontation between Tom and Gatsby?
  10. In which place did Gatsby pursue his education after the war?
  11. Where does the main character, Gatsby meet with Daisy?
  12. State the relationship between Nick and Daisy
  13. What led to the death of Myrtle?
  14. Which character has an extramarital affair?
  15. Who were among those who attended Gatsby’s funeral?
  16. From the text, where exactly is the Valley of Ashes located?
  17. Which job was Gatsby hired to perform by the millionaire?
  18. Did Gatsby complete his studies? Why?
  19. From which state does Nick reside?
  20. Describe the character of Jordan Baker
  21. Which other person was in the same educational institution with Nick?
  22. Which year and context was the novel The Great Gatsby set?

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