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8 Exploratory Essay Topic Questions Worth Discussing

Writing an exploratory essay is different from other formats. In the very essence you have to keep explain the whole concept to the reader and not just one angel or perspective. It needs a lot of researching and you will have to provide a lot of information in your paper. These are great if you have a lot of facts and notes on the topic.

By choosing one of the popular topics you are sure to get a lot of information but then again it will be a well tried and texted method and not many readers will find interest in reading it. The safest way is finding a middle ground i.e. a topic that has not been explored much but also has some facts and information that can be explored.

Some topics to get you started:

  1. Drug abuse among teenagers.
  2. Why should farmers move away from chemical fertilizers?
  3. Have we humans evolved only to sit at desk jobs?
  4. Are robots helping us in the long run?
  5. Should nuclear testing be banned?
  6. Why should one eat free-range meat?
  7. What is greenhouse effect? Does it actually affect us?
  8. Does recycling make any impact?

While writing an exploratory article you must keep in mind that the introduction has to address the main questions and the real issue. Since there will be lots of information, it is no point beating around the bush. Start by presenting the most important part of the topic and make it to the point. In the body of your essay delve deeper into the topic. You will have to present the different points of view on the topic. Do elaborate the various perspectives and explore all the facts and figures that you have collected through the research.

Present the information clearly so that it is simple and easy for the reader to understand. Always keep in mind that the essay is more about the research and methodology as a whole rather than the result or conclusion you draw from the process. Also do not forget to mention the source of the information that has been used in the writing.

Finding the right topic to base your work on can be exhausting. There are many examples that are available online. What you need to understand is how deep you can go with the topic. Do not pick a topic which has a vast scope and hence cannot be explained properly neither should you choose topics with a narrow scope.

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