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How To Write A 4-Page Essay In One Night: Helpful Hints For College Students

College students often have to undertake difficult assignments. The task of completing something urgent overnight leaves them with a shipwrecked feeling. They yearn for a convenient way to wade through untroubled.

A stormy feeling

The same happens when you are asked to write a lengthy essay; say, a 4-page piece in one night. Now, writing five terse paragraphs is one matter; extending it to 4 pages is another cup of tea altogether. You need to be up with ideas.

Here are a few hints to help you course through if and when that happens –

  • Carve out a framework – It is an absolute necessity to be fairly grounded on the topic; otherwise writing 4 pages would be out of your boat. We assume that you hold a good grasp on the subject. Now, the first thing you require is carving out a streamlined framework. You should have a clear plan as to how long the Introduction, Body and Conclusion would be.
  • Jot down major points – Now, jot down the major points that offer the crux to your body. Treat them as Point A, Point B and so on. Endeavor to join them spatially through flowing writing. The length will come through with descriptions, quotes, tiles and clarifications, whether the essay is opinionated or expository.
  • Stress on one essential point – You have to emphasize on the one major point that defines your essay. It should carry its favor through the piece, with other points strengthening its core. The writing actually comes out fluently when you make the jottings neat enough.
  • Shape the conclusion – Once you are done with the Body of the essay, venture forth to the Conclusion. Try eking out solutions, so that your piece becomes redoubtable and potent. Your conclusion should be emphatic and an eye-opener. Make sure not to use frills or fluff and also ensure that your writing has reached 3 pages.
  • Draft the Introduction – Now that the whole piece has been written and nicely shaped, you know what and how to shape your Introduction. Be subtle; raise the curiosity levels without actually revealing everything about the eventual essay. You may utilize a thesis statement and get triggered off by writing prompt. Wit practice, you will get better at Introductions.

Proofreading is a must

With strategy and practice, you can cut through a 4-page essay without much difficult in the course of one night. Even then, you should take time off to proofread the work at least twice, if not thrice. It is then time to sleep and rise and shine another day.

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