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Effective Essay Writing Tips - How to Avoid Common Mistakes

When it comes to effective essay writing if you follow the tips below you will avoid common mistakes.

  1. Pick the right topic. Pick the one which you want to write about.
  2. Take your time to write the ideal thesis statement.
  3. When taking notes from your research make sure you focus on the topic. Don't make the mistake of creating a vast amount of notes knowing that you will only be able to use a small amount thereof.
  4. When you first do your outline or plan list only the main points.
  5. Then when it is completed do a second version of the plan this time adding all the minor points.
  6. Once you're ready to start work draw up a series of milestones that you will finish a certain part of the essay by a certain date and the whole thing by another date and then the revising by another date.
  7. Make the finishing date for the completion of your essay a few days before the deadline. This will give you a feeling of high self-esteem and remove any stress from finishing in a rush.
  8. Every time you get a new idea or a new thought for a point to be made in your essay, test that idea or thought to make sure that it really stands up.
  9. When you’ve finished the plan and you're ready to start writing write the introduction first. Don't think about what’s coming in the body of your essay or in the conclusion. Make sure you get the introduction right first.
  10. Using short sentences is always better than writing long sentences.
  11. Using short paragraphs is always better than writing long paragraphs.
  12. Don't start to write the conclusion until every other aspect of your essay is finished. And remember that nothing new will go in your conclusion. It is a summary of everything you have written to date.
  13. Divide your proofreading into two sections. The first section is checking for spelling and grammatical errors.
  14. The second part of your proofreading is the editing where you look for repetition, vague writing and when you may have strayed from the argument.
  15. The best way to improve your essay writing is to read other essays and particularly those which have received a high score.
  16. Get feedback for your essay. Show it to fellow students to family or friends. Listen to what they have to say.

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