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The Secrets of Writing a Great Descriptive Essay (with Vivid Examples)

Writing a descriptive essay can be an interesting task if the student has an interest in the subject. A descriptive essay is supposed to explain any specific subject. It is more like an explanatory essay. Students need to develop a good strategy for writing a successful essay. Everyone in the class will be writing on the same subject so you need to be very careful that you pick a unique topic. You should keep in mind that all essays follow the same format. If you have ever composed any kind of essay then you will know that an essay begins with the introduction paragraph. This paragraph should be able to do two things.

  • One it needs to present your topic in an engaging manner that can hook your reader. You should be able to develop curiosity so that the reader wants to learn more about your essay
  • Two, you should be able to tell what is the rest of the essay about. This is done successfully in a thesis statement. Not every essay needs to have a thesis statement; you can create the thesis statement if you wish.

The second part of your essay is for the body paragraphs. Each body paragraph should be able to present one major argument in your paper. The number of major arguments and the body paragraphs are similar. If you have three major, arguments you need to have three body paragraphs.

The last paragraph in your paper is the conclusion. The conclusion paragraph should be precise and to the point. You need to make sure that you do not introduce any new ideas in this paragraph. You should end your essay on a clear note.

The tone of your essay depends upon the subject you are addressing. You need to keep in mind, that a descriptive essay will not need a bold or defensive tone. You only need to explain the subject under concern with strong examples.

Each major argument in your paper needs to have three or more supporting points. The supporting evidence you use for your paper should be concrete, recent and valid. You might need to filter out the relevant and irrelevant data from the raw material in your paper

It is very important for a strong essay to have perfect grammar and spellings. You need to proof read and edit your paper before submission

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