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Basic Rules For Writing A 750-Word Compare And Contrast Essay

These are basic, easy to follow rules for writing a compare and contrast essay only seven hundred and fifty words long. The word length is the standard for final year high school students and college undergraduates, so the principles that set these rules to remain the same. They can also be applied by senior students.

Genre explanation

Before proceeding, make sure that you understand what is meant by ‘compare and contrast’. To simplify, think of the analogy of comparing apples with oranges. You have noticed that these two objects have two things in common; one – that it is food, two – that it is a fruit. But you have also noticed the apparent difference between these two fruits.

In the academic sense, you will be given an essay assignment in which you are tasked to conduct a comparative analysis of two or more subjects in relation to one theme. The comparative paper writing module has been successfully used as a learning tool across most subjects, from history and economics to English literature and political science.

Only include most relevant comparisons

Before the writing of your paper, attempt to extract different meanings and analyses from a variety of sources. Align explanations, where relevant, to the different subjects. Taking one subject, you can break down your own analysis by giving a heading to each source that you could paraphrase in your writing draft so long. Always remember to write in your own words.

Bear in mind that the paper is short. You will only have room for those comparative remarks that you extracted from your reading and research that you believe carry most relevance to the objective remarks that you would like to highlight.

Brevity and conventions

Limit paraphrasing or re-writing to no more than three different summations, proposals or observations. The length of your final (typed) paper should not be longer than two and a half pages provided that the correct font sizes and line spacing conventions have been adhered to. Keep both your introduction and conclusion short, and write short but coherent sentences. Keep paragraphs short with no more than four sentences per paragraph.

Using these few basic rules should help you to prepare your own compare and contrast drafts and final document without supervision. Because these are abbreviated guidelines, spend time in your library researching detailed methodologies used in this academic sub-genre.

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