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The Best Recommendations For Writing A Synthesis Essay

Synthesis essays are quite challenging to write considering the term synthesis is not so common among the students. Nevertheless, this type of essay is not that complicated if you get to understand the logic behind it. With experience, I have managed to find the best possible way of breaking it down in a way that is self explanatory.

Synthesis is merely “syn” + “thesis.” “Syn” here is the short for “synchronization” while the second part simply means a thesis. Therefore, when you write a synthesis, you will be synchronizing a thesis. Synchronization of a thesis is a mechanism by which you use two or more references to prove a point in other words your thesis statement. These references might be from very different sources, but the way you present them in a paragraph they form a strong base for your argument as a sole idea.

In simple terms, synthesis essay uses different references to form a strong argument for a case. Below are a few best recommendations for writing a synthesis essay.

  1. With synthesis essay you will get one of the three types of prompts. You can be asked to challenge or defend a claim; evaluate numerous factors in relation to a topic; or develop a certain position on a specific topic. You need to annotate the prompt, understand precisely what is required of you.
  2. With one sentence while considering the prompt create your thesis statement that will express your opinion clearly showing your argument. Never by any chance swerve away from the prompt.
  3. Outline your main points on your draft page, never attempt writing while pulling everything from your head it’s a bad habit and you might spoil the flow of your article.
  4. Most prompt will specify the number of resources that one can use, ensure you abide by the specification strictly. Note that you can never use less than the number specified, you can definitely use more resources but always remember that citing many resources doesn’t make your argument stronger; the way you present them will.
  5. It is unsophisticated to use statements such as ‘as source A suggests’, avoid such phrases completely. Alternatively, you can cite your resources by the author or the source.
  6. Most important, you should always give analysis of your evidence in regards to your thesis.

The above are just but a few recommendations for writing a synthesis essay, for more information you can get assistance from this website.

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