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List Of Interesting Topics For Writing An Expository Essay

An expository essay is the type of paper where you need to explain your paper from a certain point of view. Students find this type of paper easier than research paper or analysis essays. This type of paper requires lesser research if you have an understanding and knowledge of the subject to address. Students do not have much trouble in following the format or structure because all essays follow the same format of introduction, body, and conclusion. It is better to create an outline first so that you can use it as a roadmap for writing the first draft of your paper. Remember to include all the bullet points and important notes from the outline in the body of your paper. You can also decide the priority of content and the arrangement of data when you create the outline

One difficult step in writing a winning paper is to choose a unique topic. You might wonder why is it difficult to choose a topic because the expository essay does not even require any argument. Well, there are a few things you need to keep in mind while choosing the topic of any academic paper. The topic needs to be as original as possible so that you are different from the rest of your classmates in approach and style. You can use two processes to narrow down your options and choose a winning topic

  1. Brainstorm- This process helps you generate new and interesting ideas for your paper. One idea will lead to another and soon you will have a good list to consider. The important thing is to delete the first few ideas to stay unique
  2. Elimination- This is the second process after the brainstorming. You need to filter out the topics from the list by discarding redundant, obsolete, irrelevant, invalid ideas. Feel free to cut down a topic if you do not find enough information to write a good essay about it

To make the selection process easier, you can choose one of the following samples to choose your own topic.

List of topic ideas for an expository essay

  1. The role of factories in air and water pollution
  2. A night spent at the museum
  3. Your favorite book or movie
  4. What is freelance writing?
  5. Free-range parenting style
  6. Helicopter parenting style
  7. Technology and its advancements in 2015
  8. Telecommunication and global village

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